About us

We are specialized caterers for biryani in Chennai. We are caterers in Chennai with cooks having more than 5years of experience in biryani catering. Our biryani adds up a note to your party. Its delicious taste will give you a tongue tingling experience. We accept orders for both mutton and chicken biryani from all parts of Chennai. We provide a high quality catering service at a competitive price. We accept general, party and marriage orders.


Our Biryani is prepared in a traditional way, by our experienced masters using high grade long grain basmati rice, high grade imported spices. The meat is marinated in copper handi and cooked with fire woods, which adds a special taste to biryani.

Experienced Cooks

Our team of cooks have years of experience on all mughali dishes and other Non veg dishes especially Dhum Biryani


We use high grade or imported spices.

Long Grain Aromatic Basmati Rice

We use high quality long grain Basmati Rice for Biryani.

Fire wood cooking

We cook biryani using fire woods. That adds special taste to the biryani.

Our Services

We believe in the coming together of people, in celebrations, in parties. The very essence of our supreme biriyani is this mood of confluence, the joining of cultures and traditions. Hence our policy to deliver only party orders. We supply party orders starting from 1Kg to anywhere in Chennai. Whatever be the party, be it a birthday party, a send-off, an anniversary, the new year, any festival, or even a wedding, we will make sure that the culinary experience of your guests will be something they remember for a long time.

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User Reviews

The biryani was extreme masaledar, tasty and not too hot as it seems or like other hot biryanis. The mutton pieces were fully tender. But after eating couple of bites, I was craving for less masaledar rice. Rates are little high, but quality and taste is simply awesome. Overall, I had a great experience and everyone loved it.


Unchanged traditional taste. I loved their mutton biriyani, the flavour and spice was simply great. The gravy and sweet along with the biriyani was also great. The mutton was soft & well cooked, and we liked it so much.